Dentures in Haverhill, MA

If you are missing all of your teeth, dentures are the removable solution to replace them.  Since no teeth are left, full dentures use suction or various types of adhesive to remain in position. Alternatively, dental implants can be placed and connected to the denture with clips for more secure retention.

When you are missing only a few teeth, a partial denture is your cost-effective option. Partial dentures have clasps which are “clipped” to the remaining adjacent teeth, and use these for support. We recommend having your dentures checked on a consistent basis. When you come for your Check Up, we will advise you if your dentures require any modifications such as relining. Please inform us if your dentures are causing you any pain or problems. Dentures which do not fit properly and go unchecked can cause serious problems, including damage to your gums, or to any remaining teeth in the case of partial denture Regular check-ups and maintenance of your dentures can avoid these problems.

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